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Legal issues are complex. Bring clarity to your situation by consulting the firm of Williams Law, PLLC. We’ll provide you with the legal guidance you need to resolve your case. Whether you’re dealing with criminal charges, workplace retaliation or are going through a divorce, you can count on attorney Matt Williams to represent your interests.
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Criminal Law

Hire a reputable attorney to represent your interests.

Criminal Law

1983 Police Misconduct

Hold law enforcement accountable for their actions.

1983 Police Misconduct

Employment Retaliation Law

Put an end to unlawful treatment at your workplace.

Employment Retaliation Law

Family Law

Do what’s best for you and your children.

Family Law

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Learn more about criminal law matters in Meridian and Cascade, ID

7 reasons to call on attorney Matt Williams

Williams Law, PLLC will do everything possible to sway the court in your favor. Here are seven reasons why you can trust Matt to handle your case:


He has an impressive success rate in criminal court.


He’s one of the few attorneys in the area that handles 1983 Civil Rights Law cases.


He’ll represent your interests vigorously.


He’ll examine the evidence to come up with a practical solution for your case.


He understands how the prosecution thinks.


He has over a decade of experience practicing criminal law.


He’ll prioritize your needs.

Prevent Retaliation in the Workplace

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