Hold Law Enforcement Accountable for Misconduct

Hold Law Enforcement Accountable for Misconduct

Speak with a 1983 civil right attorney in Cascade or Meridian, ID

Police officers are hired to protect you, not terrorize you. If you’ve been mistreated by an officer, reach out to Williams Law, PLLC. We’ll review your case and develop a solid argument in support of your case. According to the Civil Rights Act of 1871, you’re entitled to protection from government officials, including law enforcement personnel who choose to misuse their power.

Sadly, not many people are determined enough to stand up to abusive police officers. But when you hire Williams Law, PLLC, you’ll partner with an experienced attorney who knows your rights as well as theirs.

Trust us to fight for the justice you deserve. Call now to speak with a 1983 Civil Rights attorney in Meridian or Cascade, Idaho.

How do you know if you have a case?

Police have rules they are required to follow, too. If they use excessive force with you, you have a right to challenge your arrest. Call us if:

  • You were arrested by an off-duty officer
  • The arresting officer used handcuffs or other police equipment
  • The officer didn’t show you their badge or read you your rights
  • You were arrested without probable cause

Don’t let agents of the law abuse their privileges. Contact us today to learn more about 1983 Civil Rights Law in Meridian or Cascade, Idaho.