Attorney Profile

Attorney Profile

Matt has been practicing law since 2000. Matt's experience includes more than 12 years as a prosecuting attorney, including two terms as the elected prosecuting attorney for Valley County. Over the last 18 years Matt has gained experience in a wide range of cases including criminal matters from both the state’s and defendant’s sides of cases. After aggressively prosecuting for more than 12 years, Matt understands what the State is looking for in cases and can help you.

Matt served as the Valley County Public Defender from October 2002 until August 2004, and was very effective as criminal defense attorney. Since returning to private practice in January 2013, Matt has continued his success as a defense attorney. Matt is aggressive and has years of experience in a wide range of civil issues from divorce and child custody cases to property disputes, employment law, and defending civil rights.

Williams Law is a small law firm fully capable and equipped to handle big cases. In 2011 Williams Law successfully negotiated a favorable settlement with Southwest Airlines on a personal injury case, getting his client the compensation she deserved after sustaining a serious injury due to the negligence of Southwest Airline employees.

In 2015 Matt successfully secured a jury verdict in U.S. District Court against the City of McCall for the wrongful termination of the Chief of Police.

As the prosecuting attorney Matt fought corruption and unethical conduct within the Valley County Sheriff’s Office. He witnessed first hand the impact unethical law enforcement has on the justice system and will fight hard for you. Matt is unafraid to take on cities, counties, states, and especially police departments and law enforcement.


Law School: University of Idaho School of Law

Undergrad: Western Oregon University
Major: Political Science
Minor: Computer Science

Admitted to the Idaho Bar:
September 2000


Williams Law (Now Williams Law, P.L.L.C.)
March 2001- Present (Full time since 2013)

Valley County Prosecuting Attorney
August 6, 2004- January 2013

City of Cascade Prosecuting Attorney
March 2001- October 2012

City of McCall Prosecuting Attorney
December 2006- January 2013

Valley County Public Defender
October 2002- August 6, 2004

Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Valley County, Idaho
May 2000- February 2002

Latah County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
Legal Extern/Intern January 1999- May 2000