How to Deal With Retaliation in the Workplace

How to Deal With Retaliation in the Workplace

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You have the right to work in a safe environment. If you file a valid complaint, your employer can’t legally fire you because of it. Call Williams Law, PLLC if you’re facing unlawful treatment from your employer. We’ll analyze the facts behind your situation and explain all your options.

Attorney Matt Williams has handled many of these cases over the years. You can depend on him to defend your rights. Contact us today to discuss your case with an employment retaliation attorney in Meridian or Cascade, Idaho.

6 subtle signs of workplace retaliation

You can’t always identify workplace retaliation. Call Williams Law if your employer has:

  1. Fired you
  2. Demoted you
  3. Cut your pay
  4. Changed your position
  5. Disciplined you
  6. Started treating you badly

You shouldn’t be punished for filing a workplace discrimination or harassment complaint. Trust us to help you turn your situation around. Call our law firm in Cascade or Meridian, Idaho now to learn more about dealing with retaliation in the workplace.